Monday, November 30, 2015

Energy policy: is it hypocracy or wilful blindness?

Just in case BusinessGreen is not on your reading list I thought that
this extract said it all (about profound and dangerous contradictions
in the Government).

 "I want the deal in Paris to outline the role that businesses should
play. We also need to give businesses long-term certainty for
investment, which is why an ambitious long-term goal is so important,"
the PM will say.

However, back at home the Prime Minister (that should be George
Osborne) has faced criticism for rolling back support for a wide range
of green technologies, including solar power, wind farms and last week
scrapping a £1bn competition aimed at commercialising carbon capture
and storage (CCS) technology.

On Friday, 10 of the UK's biggest businesses, including Tesco, BT and
Marks & Spencer, wrote to the Prime Minister warning these cuts have
knocked investor confidence in the low-carbon sector and calling for
him to deliver policies that will restore investor certainty.

The letter, also signed by Vodafone, Kingfisher and Thames Water,
argued recent moves to scale back support were increasing investment
risks for businesses. That would be a lot of Conservative supporters.

"Regular changes to environment policy undermine confidence in
investment in infrastructure of all kinds and impact on the UK's
ability to continue competing in the rapidly growing low carbon
sector," the letter warned."

Given the shambles and uncertainty that George Osborne has created in
the energy and climate change policy areas I can't see why anybody
would pay any attention to what his leader has to say in Paris?
(letter sent to Ed Vaizey MP)

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