Sunday, January 3, 2016

For the avoidance of doubt

In response to the reports of repeated flooding in Cumbria and a
Guardian newspaper headline, "We really need help...", I  sent the following
letter to the paper.

"For the avoidance of doubt, and various Ministers seem to be
determined to sow doubt through measures designed to slow or even
reverse the progress in reducing carbon emissions, it is established
Government policy that the flooding being  experienced around the
country is linked to climate change. 

Section 10 of the National Planning Policy Framework published in 2012
of which the Government isso proud is titled "Meeting the challenge (nb in the singular)
of climate change, flooding and coastal change.".  There follows advice about,
'...radical reductions in greenhouse gas emissions... and supporting
the delivery of renewable and low carbon energy...this is central to
the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable
development.', in support of which there is a 'presumption' in the

Whilst most of us are not in a position to provide the practical help
really needed by the victims of flooding and coastal changes, we are
all capable of reducing our personal carbon emissions and making it
clear to the Government that we support the level of emissions
reductions implied by the NPPF and its recent pronouncements and
agreement reached at COP21 in Paris."