Thursday, December 12, 2013

Where are the planners?

Where are the planners? This is the question I ask myself when at conferences discussing issues that should be of interest to individual planners, their employers and the professional institute.  It happens, in the last few weeks,  that I have been at conferences discussing community supported agriculture, the provision of co-housing, retro-fit co-housing and lastly the Radical Reductions conference convened by the Tyndall Centre at the Royal Society. Very grand and all of £250 for two full days - and not a planner in sight.  I can't check their reading matter or CPD diaries but I do know that planners have been notable absentees from the debates that evolve around the Q & A sessions at these conferences.  I suppose the absence of planners would not matter hugely or at all if they are marginal to the changes that have to come about in terms of food supply, adequate housing and carbon reductions.  That would be the case if they were honest about their marginal role but, instead, planners insist on occupying the space where planning is being, or should be carried out. Something should give - either planners vacate this space and allow others more knowledgeable (something about all those conferences?) and enthusiastic about change to take their place - or planners should join these vigorous debates about things that matter and start to plan our route to recovery.  Which is to be?


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