Friday, August 26, 2016

Planning for food

Some blogs are too long, as are some of the gaps between blogs.  So here is the second blog of the day and it is very short.  However, this is a blog to listen to while you shell the peas or do the washing up.

Please forgive the stumbles as this was an unscripted presentation given in the Palace of Westminster to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Agro-Ecology  (the reference to the unsustainable realm that the planners had helped to create was made as I looked out across the Thames at South London) and that it is a little out of date.  However, most of the points are still valid and I would just say that para 161 of the NPPF could have added weight to the argument, and the requirement to prove essential need is at NPPF 55 (not 105).

The importance of including the talk given in 2014 in a Blog in 2016 is that nothing has happened.